Leisure Time

fotoflexer_leisureEnjoy leisurely strolls along the powder white beaches of the West Coast and if you get too hot, have a swim in the soothing Caribbean sea.

Visit Harrison’s Cave, fabulous stalactite and stalagmite formations in an underground cavern only explored in the 1970’s, or explore the Barbadian Sugar Plantation Houses, and visit the Flower Forest and Orchid World..

Alternatively, have a fabulous lunch cruise on the Tiami sipping rum punches whilst enjoying a fabulous sunset or opt for a pirate cruise on the Jolly Roger.

If you prefer a land based restaurant, then you could visit some of the spectacular restaurants that are to be found on the island, these include the renowned Tides restaurant, Calabaza and Fish Pot restaurants.

Life does not get better than romantic candlelight dining at the sea’s edge at these spectacular restaurants and all are near our apartments.

There is always something to do in Barbados, which enables you to enjoy the type of holiday that suits your individual taste.

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Atlantis Submarinessub

See the Barbados few ever get to see………from the ocean floor up. This is a truly spectacular experience and a way to see the beauty of the ocean for those who are not able, or who do not wish to try diving.


Sturtleswim with the turtles

A truly amazing experience that will leave you in awe of their size, and grace..To swim with these beautiful, and huge creatures is a wonderful experience, and you can do it in Barbados!



When you dive in the Caribbean waters, you can be sure of a treat! There are so many fish, and in colours that you can only imagine.


tallshipsTall Ships Cruises

Travel the seas in one of the fabulous vessels run by the Tall Ships Cruises team – a trip you will never foget!!